Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York

If you’ve visited New York before, you’ve probably already shopped till you dropped and seen all the sights Manhattan has to offer. Maybe a trip a little further afield is in order – to Brooklyn, the borough of… Read More

And if you feel peckish after visiting Green-Wood…

To turn to matters more worldly, if you need to grab breakfast, lunch or something sweet for an energy boost, ¬†you’ll find Baked in Brooklyn nearby. Simply turn left out of the main gates from Green-Wood and cross… Read More


Looking for Lola Montez

Courtesan, adventuress, dancer, and bigamist: Lola Montez is one of Irish history’s most colourful women. In an age when most women were dutiful wives and mothers, she travelled to four continents and her entanglements led to the downfall… Read More