And if you feel peckish after visiting Green-Wood…

To turn to matters more worldly, if you need to grab breakfast, lunch or something sweet for an energy boost,  you’ll find Baked in Brooklyn nearby. Simply turn left out of the main gates from Green-Wood and cross the road.

The coffee is nothing special – like most New York coffee, I’m afraid – but the baked goods are amazing! Treat yourself to a sinfully good pastry or cupcake, or one of the many varieties of freshly baked bread.

For something more substantial, you can also grab a sandwich or salad from the fridge.
There are few seats at the window counter or on the solitary bench outside, otherwise get your goodies to go.

It’s open 7am-7pm Monday through Saturday, but closes early on Sunday, at 4pm. If you get there shortly before closing, you’ll probably be able to pick up some deals too…


Looking for Lola Montez

Courtesan, adventuress, dancer, and bigamist: Lola Montez is one of Irish history’s most colourful women. In an age when most women were dutiful wives and mothers, she travelled to four continents and her entanglements led to the downfall of a monarch. Read More

Video: Surfing in Ireland

In the absence of my doing any actual surfing at the moment…

Four In One Official Trailer from CMP Productions on Vimeo.

I prefer my waves a touch more mellow. Better for aerials (LOL).

Favourite music of 2014

2014 was a great year for music.  In no particular order, here’s 25 of my favourites from the year gone by.

Survive the (fashion) horror: What to wear for the zombie apocalypse

I love a good zombie. Hell, I even love a bad zombie. (Resident Evil: Retribution excepted as it was just plain awful. Clones ruin everything, and where I Alice get that catsuit anyway?)

When the zombie apocalypse hits, it won’t be easy to wash your clothes, so make sure you choose colours that won’t show the dirt so much. Think ‘puddle of sludge’ – drab greens and browns are your friends.
Resident Evil Extinction: Awww, cheer up guys, at least you’re colour coordinated!

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A year from now….

… you will wish you’d started today.

What is a ‘kook’ anyway?

So, what does ‘kook’ mean?

In surf slang, it’s a term for a novice surfer – and not an especially nice one. If someone calls you a kook, you’ve possibly just done something really stupid. Did you  accidentally drop in on someone or nearly get killed? OOOPS. To spare your blushes next time out, read up on some surf etiquette and make sure you understand the concept of wave priority.

Surfer falling off surfboard

Photo by Bengt Nyman

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The eternal kook

When I was in Bali – at surf camp, but not actually surfing a lot – I randomly found a copy of I-Magazine.

At first, I wasn’t entirely sure who the magazine was aimed at, as it labelled ‘surf issue’ and covered with a svelte model’s swimsuit-clad butt. (Lad’s mag or fashion mag? Hard to tell sometimes.)

Nevertheless, I picked it up, and found the most resonant piece of surf writing: An Angry Love Letter to all Kookdom.

I complain about perfection. You laugh at your failures. I am good at
this. You suck. And now I realize: I’m the one who’s got it wrong.

You had it right before you had it all. If only you could teach the rest of us all that you don’t know yet.

Now I embrace my destiny; a surfer who will probably never shred, but probably always suck a bit.

Yes, I am the eternal kook.

Getting better just makes it worse.

Oh yes.

Much, much worse.