Bullfinch in the garden

Female bullfinch eating some blossom from a fruit tree

Bullfinch in the garden

Bullfinch eating fruit-tree blossom

Aww… look at the little bird and the flowers

This little lady showed up in the garden one day. She’s a female bullfinch, and I caught her having a tasty snack of blossoms from one of the fruit trees.

You can see her munching away, above… and swallowing, below. Caught in the act!

Bullfinch eating fruit-tree blossom

Gulp! It’s gone!

The male bullfinch is more brightly coloured than the female – if you see an aggressively pink and grey bird in your garden, it’s probably a male bullfinch. And when I say aggressively pink, I mean somewhere Schiaparelli and fluorescent salmon.

Male bullfinch eating fruit-tree flowerbuds

Male bullfinch

Bullfinches are common in Ireland, but you won’t often see bullfinches in your garden as they don’t usually visit birdtables and feeders.

However, if you have apple or other fruit trees, watch out for them in springtime, as the buds from fruit trees are definitely one of their favourite foods.

(If you’d rather keep your apples for yourself, try hanging old CDs in the trees to frighten them away.)


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