The best sunblock for surfers

Some people are hardy souls, surfing year-round in challenging conditions. The rest of us are only starting to think about returning to the water now, with the advent of summer. If you have a surf trip planned, or… Read More

Surf inspiration: Silvana Lima catching some air at the Roxy Pro

Brazilian surfer Silvana Lima made the first 10 of the year at the 2015 Roxy Pro Gold Coast. She followed up her air reverse with a series of cutbacks, earning her the perfect ten: full marks from each… Read More

What is a ‘kook’ anyway?

So, what does ‘kook’ mean? In surf slang, it’s a term for a novice surfer – and not an especially nice one. If someone calls you a kook, you’ve possibly just done something really stupid. Did you  accidentally… Read More