Favourite music of 2014

2014 was a great year for music.  In no particular order, here’s 25 of my favourites from the year gone by.

Survive the (fashion) horror: What to wear for the zombie apocalypse

I love a good zombie. Hell, I even love a bad zombie. (Resident Evil: Retribution excepted as it was just plain awful. Clones ruin everything, and where I Alice get that catsuit anyway?) When the zombie apocalypse hits,… Read More

A year from now….

… you will wish you’d started today.

What is a ‘kook’ anyway?

So, what does ‘kook’ mean? In surf slang, it’s a term for a novice surfer – and not an especially nice one. If someone calls you a kook, you’ve possibly just done something really stupid. Did you  accidentally… Read More

The eternal kook

When I was in Bali – at surf camp, but not actually surfing a lot – I randomly found a copy of I-Magazine. At first, I wasn’t entirely sure who the magazine was aimed at, as it labelled… Read More